Analysis of Cavin Kare Personal Care Brands

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Analysis of the Cavin Kare Personal Care Brands And Its Positioning (Table 1)
Cavin Kare personal brands are the major strategic business unit of Cavin Kare Pvt ltd. The company divided its personal care into hair care, skin care and home care. In the hair care division, the company have brands like chik shampoo, nyle herbal shampoo, meera badam, meera hair wash powder, karthika hair wash powder, meera herbal oil and indica hair colorant. Skin care divisions have brands like fairever, spinz talc, spinz deodorants and nyle cold cream and lotion. Home care division has only one brand that is text toilet cleaners. The company’s targeted customers for hair care brand includes girls and women in rural and semi-urban area and men in late 20’s and mid 30,s. For the skin care, contemporary women, girls aged between 18-26 and women of all age group. For home care the targeted customers are housewives of all age group. According to me the targeting made by the company is accrued from a long term strategic planning. Company’s targeted customers spread around several segments. In other words company serves people from different segments. This helps the company to gain a name in different segments at the same time. For example the company is serving the customers from urban, semi urban and rural. The company is able to do this by creating different brands in same division and placing each product to different customers. This helps the company to focus on two things. 1. Serving the large market of middle and low income group. 2. Serving the higher income group in the urban area to create a brand value. Positioning is also done by the company in a strategic way in order to meet the company’s and the targeted customer’s requirement. For example: - in the category of hair care, the brand chik shampoo is targeted to girls and women in rural and semi-urban. The positioning of it is softness and manageability of hair. Here the company is offering only small charecteristics...
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