Analysis Against Work

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Analysis article "Against Work" by LI YUN LIU
In Christophe Clausen’s article, “Against Work,” he explores an idea of not working. In the reading, he contrasts the differences in attitude toward work between Americans and Europeans. Also, he addresses the questions about the essence of work and about the reasons of people engaging so much effort in to it. I believe Against Work is a successful article despite the fact that Clausen does not give his own definition of this topic clearly. He has a well-written introduction, body and conclusion. Also, Clausen has the clear and narrow theses in different parts of his essay. Lastly, Clausen has well explained examples and clear language to support his theses. Although Clausen does not show what his opinions about “against work” are, readers are able to identify the introduction, body and the conclusion in the text. In the beginning, Clausen gains readers' attention by telling him/her that he used to have different dreams in his youth. At this time, he never intended to work at all. Following the introduction, he addresses a question "what is the use of having money if you have to work for it?" (Clausen120). This urges readers to think about the real reason that people work is it only because of money? Then, he considers that it is the American way that defines yourself valuable by working long hours despite what you accomplish. (Clausen121) In the first two pages, Clausen does not clearly give his own definition of Against Work; either does he mention whether or not he is supporting this idea. Nevertheless, toward the end of the essay, readers can find there are many examples of other’s ideas as well as author’s own experiences that combine both working and pleasure. By reading again and again, readers can realize that Clausen makes an argument of not working. When it comes to conclusion, it is quite clear of Clausen’s idea because he is straight forward to think about early retirement which is different from what...

Cited: Clausen, Christopher."Against Work." One Hundred Great Essays. Robert Diyanni. New York City. Longman Publishing Group, 2011. 120-6
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