Analyse the Importance of Supporting Resilience in Children and Young People.

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Analyse The Importance Of Supporting Resilience In Children And Young People.

Resilience is about being independent, standing on your own two feet or taking back the power. It is important because it can help reverse some of the effects that bullying can have on children and young people. It is also a life skill and will be useful to a child in many areas of life, it will give them confidence not only to stand up for themselves but also to champion the rights of others, it can help to increase the child’s value in themselves and helps to promote and restore self-esteem. It can prevent children taking more drastic action like self harming or suicide and can send a message to the bullies that what they’re doing is not working. If children are resilient they will be able to cope better with problems, they will have better health and they will be happier and more fulfilled. They will also be less likely to develop emotional problems like depression or anxiety

To get children to become resilient - to rely on themselves, they've got to believe that they are capable of doing this - how can adults help them?

PSE - adults have got to take children seriously, listen to them, make them feel that they are important, encourage children to try things out for themselves (you start with young children, by being close by, so they know there is an adult there if they need them - this often gives them more confidence to try things). You praise and encourage and praise, if they say things such 'I can't do it, or it's wrong again' when completing a jigsaw, you encourage them by saying they aren't doing anything wrong they are trying/practising; you can tell them when you learnt knitting/cooking/skiing you had to try many times until you could do something.

You help build children's confidence, self-esteem and self-image - having those will help anyone (of whatever age) and build up resilience to try things out, not give in or up, learn that it's perfectly normal to try...
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