An Interesting neightbour

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Topic: An Interesting Neighbour
(Introduction) Who this composition is about
My house is the first on my street.
Living in the house next to mine is an elderly lady we call Aunty Mei. She lives alone with her pet cats.
No one knows if she has a family.
She has been living next door to my family for as long as I can remember.

(Body) Main point 1- What my interesting neighbour looks like Aunty Mei looks over sixty at least.
Her hair is mostly grey.
Her face is covered with faint brown spots and freckles.
She has dark brown eyes.
She is slim and of medium height.
She moves quickly and with firm steps.

(Body) Main point 2- What my interesting neighbour likes to do Aunty Mei leads an active life.
I often see her taking care of her orchid plants.
She loves cats and keeps adopting stray ones.
She has another wonderful hobby and that is cooking.
My family and I benefit greatly from her culinary experiments. Everything she cooks is scrumptious.

(Body) Main point 3- What my interesting neighbour’s character is like Aunty Mei is not only generous but also encouraging.
She always says positive things that make people happy.
People often go to her for advice about everything under the sun. My mother consults Aunty Mei on housekeeping matters while my father likes to ask Aunty Mei about business matters. She is also patient.

I have never seen her lose her cool except once when she saw a couple of naughty children ill-treating a kitten. She rescued the kitten and gave the culprits a scolding that they never forgot.

(Conclusion) How I feel about my neighbour
All in all, life is never dull when Aunty Mei is around.
Who wouldn’t be happy to have Aunty Mei for a friend and neighbour? Everyone hopes for an interesting neighbour.
Aunty Mei is such an interesting neighbour and friend.
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