The Invasion
Topics: Mother, Family, Brain / Pages: 4 (849 words) / Published: Feb 5th, 2013

Bianca Balderas
Professor LeMaster
English 1301
20 September 2011
The Invasion
She was the only one that could bail me out of time out when i got in trouble, the only one that would play dress up with me because I was the only girl growing up, and the only one that allowed me to watch TV until my eyes fell out. I loved staying up late listening to her spooky ghost stories and dreaded waking up early for Sunday morning bible study with her. Grandma Bea was the big sister I always wanted, and regretfully, I am just now realizing it. She had been a registered nurse for years, and worked as a supervisor in a nursing home. Recently, my family began to notice her regular calls were fading from the cheery talk about how great work was, to her worrying someone was stealing from her. Some of her belongings began to disappear. When her mother's jewelry came up missing, my dad went over to make sure she didn't just misplace it. After searching for hours, he plopped down on the couch for a breather when, low and behold, the missing jewels were found in between the couch cushions. As my family's concern for her well-being began to grow, she reasoned this was only what comes of old age along with her lousy eyesight and somewhat hard of hearing. She was not able to drive at night. If she happened to be behind the wheel at night fall, she would pull over to switch seats with someone. Grandma is such a stubborn woman. She argued with the family until they were convinced that she could stay at her own apartment. After all, she lived in a senior living community located directly across the street from her job. She was still a certified registered nurse and was still my father's mother, so he let her be and dismissed it as she disputed. Not too long after that episode, my dad received an urgent message from her exclaiming that there were aliens in her apartment, and she needed to get picked up immediately. As bogus as that sounded, my dad rushed over as soon as he could. He

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