An Incident That Made You Believe in Fate
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Michel Andary
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Subject: An incident that made you believe in fate It was supposedly the best summer of my life. My parents finally agreed that I can drive to work although I did not have a driver’s permit. I was so excited because I had never driven a car without someone by my side. So I got in what was supposedly going to be my car and vanished in seconds before they thought about changing their minds. The few weeks after that day were smooth as I had begun to take good control of the car, and everything was running smoothly except for a small filter that I was going to change which made the car turn off on its own. With my mother always telling me to drive safe before leaving the house, I often did… until that night. I was at work on a Tuesday night and I had driven there as usual. Work was boring just like any other night that I was obligated to take orders and laugh to our customer’s boring jokes… but this was ordinary to any waiter. But when I finished my shift at nearly 12:00 am in the middle of the night, the excitement raged in flames inside of me! I wanted to drive so badly! So our boss paid us the night and I was off with my friend by my side in my car. ‘’what do you want to do now?’’ Bassam asked. ‘’let’s take a ride to the nearest minimal and get some beers” I responded. And there we went with me burning my wheels and driving like a mad man! We got there and got us some beers and we went downhill to where we were going to chill. Something got over me and I wanted to raise my adrenaline to no limits! It was a long way down and I could not bear driving as slow as a turtle so as you expect I put the pedal to the metal. Everything was going great till that corner which I will never forget till the day I die. Going approximately 80-90km/s, while driving through the corner with loud music inside the car, I lifted my foot off the fuel paddle. But what I had not realized, was that the

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