An Exploratory Study of Student Nurses' Perceptions of Gender

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An Exploratory Study of Student Nurses ' Perceptions of Gender
Though they may be half a world away, nursing schools in India face problems similar to those in the United States when it comes to recruiting men. The results of this research of nursing students in Pondicherry, India, may surprise you. by S. Sridevy, B.S.N., M.S.N., M.A., M.Phil. • RSS • Print • E-mail • Comment • MN 2011 Spring

Though they may be half a world away, nursing schools in India face problems similar to those in the United States when it comes to recruiting men. The following study sought to discern the opinions of 78 senior nursing students studying in and around Pondicherry, India, regarding gender roles in their field. It aimed to determine the following:

1. Whether nursing students have different opinions of what professional roles male and female nurses should occupy.

2. Whether gender affects the image and status of the nursing profession.

The results of the survey indicated that most of the nursing students prefer men to occupy administrative or teaching positions. Additionally, there were statistically significant results between female and male students ' perceptions surrounding the effect of males on the image and status of nursing. These findings may impact local nursing education recruitment programs for both men and women, and perhaps the health service organization as a whole.

Men in nursing

Though they still represent a slim minority, men are increasingly pursuing careers in nursing, attracted by abundant job opportunities, good salaries, and the opportunity to make a difference in people 's lives. This is in no small part due to the fact that the nursing profession has worked for years to dispel misconceptions surrounding men in this female-dominated field.

What is interesting about today 's perceptions of gender in nursing is that until the days of Florence Nightingale in the late 19th century, nursing was a

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