An Executive Summary of Interrail Pass Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Pages: 12 (4505 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Executive Summary

The main difference between the EuRail and the InterRail is simply based on the passenger’s country of residency. The EuRail is available to residents of a non-European country and the InterRail is available for European residents only. You can be eligible for the InterRail if you have been a resident in a European country for at least 6 months. EuRail and InterRail Passes are widely known as the best rail passes in Europe, having the ability of flexibility by its large range of options. The main audience in the market for the InterRail are a highly 74% youth, having the highest sales in UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden. The InterRail Global Pass, valid for travel in 30 European countries, is still and remains for the 5 year the most popular option among the audience of youth travellers under 26 years old. But within the Global pass, there is dominance for the flexible travel. Due that is in high demand, it is clearly visible that the 10 travel days within 22 days is the most popular product for travellers not wishing to travel everyday of their vacations. One Country pass are Italy and Germany that combined form 62% of the market share. EuRail Group reports an audience of over 248,000 Europeans explored Europe by train. The biggest strength that InterRail has it that is a unique selling product in within the travel market. There is no other kind of pass similar to the InterRail, giving a huge advantage on the market place. Their only competition in a certain way will be the airlines, giving in some cases cheaper tickets or having a faster route. Other mayor strength is they have gathered all of the companies their users are more likely to need in their travels, and create a partnership between them, giving the user benefits and promotions in their services and products. A weakness for the product is that the trains can be highly confusing for the people that have never before use them, making that niche of the audience prefer that actual airplanes. Also there is an speculation in the internet about, the difficulties there are when booking a train with the pass. The Opportunities in within this product will always be to get as much destinations as possible. In within the travel market, the best agency will take you every place you want to go. Creating for InterRail, only a matter of agreements and routes to increase the diversification in the audience and options for the users. A Threat that I found on the market was the airplane because they can travel over seas, giving the advantage in some determined routes takes less time to arrive to the destination rather than the trains, making them look slower and therefore not functional. The Main objectives of the InterRail are to create, manage and target the increasingly comprehensive InterRail passes. Working to generate widespread awareness of the benefits of rail travel for the traveller. One of the Marketing Communication Strategies the product will be using is to emphasis on the brand differentiation with the airplanes. Letting know our audience and market, the benefits of using a train and with that, the InterRail. In here, the plan is to include us and other companies in a generic campaign, fighting for the environment. This would help the market to know, that using a train is more environmental friendly.

Current Market Situation

When the first InterRail Pass was launched on March 1, 1972 it was managed in conjunction by a large number of train and shipping companies. These companies were starting the business of an overall pass that could unite the traveling experience and save money traveling by train at the same time. In 2001, the EuRail Group was established as an organization dedicated to the marketing and management of the EuRail pass. The EuRail Group is wholly owned by the participating railways and shipping companies with key decisions being taken by the board, consisting of eight appointed member railways. In addition, the...

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