How to Interpret Essay Titles

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How to Interpret Essay Titles


The first step in writing any essay is to read and understand the essay title correctly. For example:

What steps do you think should be taken to improve public transport?

In this essay question, there is an organising word (steps) and a general subject (public transport). You are not required to describe public transport: the title assumes you already know what public transport is. The title also indicates that public transport, at the moment, is bad. You could, therefore, use this idea sa part of your introduction.

Public transport, nowadays, is a major focus of concern and complaint. There are, however, many steps that can be taken to improve the service.

The first sentence is a general statement about the general subject. The second sentence is the topic sentence: it gives the direction of the essay and tells you how to organise it.

Study the essay titles below and
a) find the word or words in each title that will help you organise your essay;

b) decide what the general subject of the essay is;

c) write an introduction for each title that expresses the general subject and focus or topic of the title.

1. What steps do you think should be taken to reduce pollution?

2.What are the disadvantages of living in cities?

3.Boxing should be banned. Discuss.

4.What are the most effective ways of reducing the incidence of teenage pregnancy in the U.K.?

5.Do you agree that smoking should be banned in all public places?

6.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of legalising cannabis.

7.How far do you agree with the statement that ‘War can never be justified’?

8.What are the main arguments against the use of mobile telephones?

9.What measures could be taken to reduce accidents in the home?

10.Discuss the risks and benefits of taking daily exercise. -----------------------...
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