An Easy Way to Find Recently Opened Documents in Word

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Knowing Where You Placed Your Document
Ashlee Vanderwal
IT 206
September 24, 2010
Benjamin Perez

Knowing Where You Placed Your Documents
One of the nice things about word, for those who do not remember the folder they put their document in or perhaps a guest created a document- there is a ‘Recent Document’ section, depending on the version of Word, depending on the location, but it will be where the ‘New’, ‘Save’ or ‘Open’ Items are. It normally just looks like a list and there is an option to make them “permanent” links by clicking the pushpin next to the item you want to stay in the list. I find this helpful because I use it for the template I made for school, making it quick and easy to find and access.

There are a few things I would recommend in order to prevent lost documents, depending on one’s knowledge and personal preference would depend on which is chosen and easier for them. The first method, being the easiest, would be to create a folder on the desktop. It is easy to find and access that way. Another method would be to use the ‘My Documents’ folder in the users system folder. That too is generally easy and quick to find. The next method is the one I use. On the left side of the ‘Open’ menu there are ‘Quick access’ links, so depending on where one likes to save their documents, one can create a shortcut to the folder and drag it over to that list. In addition, if one is running Windows 7, there is a nice feature called ‘Libraries’ that allows the user to link folders for documents, music, videos, contacts and pictures. I think it is also in Vista but I did not know about it until I upgraded. Using this feature is also easy and allows the user to collaborate alike files in one place. One can even link networked folders to it for access if they use a server. I use this for my music- extremely helpful!

Another way to find your documents would be to search for it from the ‘Start’ menu of Windows. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Mac...
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