An Analysis of Body Language in Communication Between China and America

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Abstract 2

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 The aim of the paper

1.3 The organization of this paper

Chapter 2 Literature review

2.1 The definition of body language

2.2 The importance of body language

2.2.1 Body language is widely used in daily life

2.2.2 Benefits body language bring to us during communication

Chapter 3 Characteristics of body language from the view of Sino-America cultural communication

3.1 Same body language conveys different meaning due to different culture

3.2 Same body language represents same meaning in different cultures

3.3 Only few body language exist in unique culture, one Country or one region

3.4 Different body behaviors can convey same meaning

3.5 The using of body language is influenced by the situation that a person is in

Chapter 4 Advices for body language using in cross-culture communication

4.1 Try to learn body language on purpose

4.2 Be sensitive about the situation one is in during the communication

4.3 Try to participate in more intercultural communication

Chapter 5 Conclusion


An analysis of body language in communication between China and America


Body language plays a very important role in both communication of daily lives and intercultural communication. However, in the past time, the attention paid to body language is not enough. Due to the cultural differences between China and America, differences in the meaning of body language exist. In this paper, the importance of body language is reviewed and stressed, the features of body language in Sino-America cultural communication are analyzed, and some advices for body language using in intercultural communication is provided.

Key words:intercultural communication, body language, china and America.


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