Body Language and Gender Communications

Topics: Gender, Nonverbal communication, Gender role Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: September 2, 2011
Body Language and Gender Communication in the Workplace
Ella Sue Duty
Everest University
MAR 2305-Week 4
Professor Walker

Body Language and Gender Communication in the Workplace
Body Language
Facial expressions, head movements, body posture and actions, clothing, mannerisms and personality behaviors are signs of body language. Positive body language in the workplace helps others to perceive you as honest and open to ideas. Usually in the first 30 seconds, most people have already formed an opinion of you.

Gestures or movements of the head, hands, arms and legs can be used to specify certain messages that have linguistics translation. If you wave your hand rather than saying “hello,” or nod your head in agreement, which means “yes” or “okay?” You must use the necessary caution dealing with body language. Suppose a person has their “arms crossed over the chest”. This is a sign of closed or defiant posture, But it does not mean that everyone taking this posture is expressing that message. You have to be able to recognize, understand and react appropriately to the body language of others, as well as using positive body language yourself.

According to Hoffmann, 55% of the total impact of personal communication is determined by body language, another 38% by the tone of our voice. And only 7% by the words we use (Hoffmann, 2010). Researchers have also found that some acts of body language have specific meanings. Head movements, facial expressions and gestures show the type of emotion being expressed. Body position and tension reveal the intensity of the feelings.

The background, culture, physical conditions, communication abilities and other factors influence whether and how well people use body cues. In dealing with customers, you need to learn to read the cues they are giving to avoid a lack of communications. And to make sure your body language is the correct behavior. Gender Communications

The subject of gender differences has been around since...

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