Amy Tan

Topics: Parent, Childhood, Amy Tan Pages: 4 (1053 words) Published: April 30, 2014
Jesus Lozano
Dr. Cho
English 101-02
March 25, 2014
Two Kinds
Many children often find themselves being told what their life should be due to parent’s ignorance and incomprehension of whose decision counts most. There are often parents who try to impose their childhood dreams on their children because the mother or father sees himself or herself in the child. Numerous accidents have occurred when it comes to the parents providing a lack of support within the family. In the story, Two Kinds by Amy Tan, there is a mother who motivates her daughter by making her participate in several trainings to enhance her skills. Amy is signed up for many practices and events that she does not want to do. However, throughout the story we see a dramatic change in Amy from being an obedient to defiant caused by her mother’s pressure to become someone who she was not. From the story we see countless bad parenting habits. The first habit that we capture is the unsympathetic feeling towards Amy. A parents role is to lead and build self-esteem not spoil. Similar, providing good ideas and goals for the child is wonderful but never actually make them fulfill your suggestion. Providing positive input is essential to steering the child into the right path. Also, never hurt the child emotionally by telling the child abusive and extraneous words. We as humans and parents always have the responsibility to build people and not down. Ultimately, this story makes us realize that Amy’s mother is not expressing sympathy, encouragement, and loving.

Unsympathetic is when a parents comes to the conclusion that she or he will not feel sorry for the child who is being told to do something unpleasing or disappointment. Throughout the story we see the mother consistently act in an unsympathetic way that nobody should act even if she saw her daughter break down crying. For example we see that she demonstrates these traits as such, “My mother slapped me…. She shouted I only ask you to be your...
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