Americans Take Up Arms Against British Gov.

Topics: Tea, Boston Tea Party, American Revolution Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: March 31, 2007
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The Americans were justified in taking up arms against the British government, They were not overreacting. Great Britain had taken away many rights that a human had. They were taking advantage of America and using it as a source to pay the debts from war. They were taxed very heavily but yet still they were not able to have any representation of the country which they were taxed by. Also Great Brittan had soldiers in America roaming the streets and causing a ruckus during the peace time. Americans were basically made slaves of their mother country Great Brittan when really they were citizens just like anyone who lived there overseas. The Americans tried things such as the Boston Tea Party this only raised the price of tea and caused even worse restrictions on the colonist. There was nothing left to do. When a government takes away your rights which you are given by your creator you are justified to violent resistance to government, the information above shows this. This could not be over-reacting they were not living the lives they were supposed to be living because of the King. If any one overreacted it would be the British who overreacted to little things done by the colonist and used it as an excuse to do something which would hurt the colonist and help the country abroad. This is why the American colonist were justified in taking up arms against the British government, there was nothing else left to do.
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