American Folk Music

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Topics: Blues
Folk Music Introduction
The Roots Of 21st Century Folk Music
The Folk Revival
British Folk In The New World
a) Instrumental Music
b) Types Of Dance Music
c) Singing Solo
d) Ballads
e) Lyric Songs
f) Work Songs and Broadsides
g) Religious Music
h) Isolated
i) Alterations
j) String Bands
k) Songs Of Pioneers
l) American Music
African American Roots
a) Voice and Rhythm
b) Surviving Habits
c) New Elements
d) Improvisation
e) Religious Song
f) Jubilee Songs
g) Changes
h) Spirituals and The Fisk Jubilee Singers
i) The Blues
j) Singing and Playing The Blues
k) Mixing It up
New and Different Voices
a) The Cajuns
b) Cajun Music
c) Música Tejana
d) Corridos
e) Sailors and Other Workers
f) Cowboy Songs
g) Singing to the Cattle
h) Many styles
Folk Goes National
a) Minstrel Shows
b) Records
c) The First Recorded Hillbilly Music
d) Race records
e) Radio
f) The Opry and The Blues
g) The Carters
h) The Singing Brakeman
i) Preserving Music
j) Government Sponsorship
k) The Lomax Recordings
l) Folk Music In Overdrive
m) Blues Changes
n) More Evolution
The Folk Revival Begins
a) Politics and Music
b) Pete Seeger
c) The Tuning Fork Of America
d) The Weavers
e) Lead Belly
f) This Land Is Your Land
g) The Red Scare
i) The Anthology
h) Our Bible
The Folk Boom
a) The Kingston Trio
b) Hootnannies Everywhere
c) Traditionalists
d) A National Scene
f) The New York City Scene
g) Protest Music
h) A Woody Guthrie Jukebox
i) Festivals
j) Dylan Goes Electric
k) A Shift
Recent Developments
a) Out On Highway 61
b) The Byrds and More
c) More Folk- Rockers
d) The Blues Bounces Back
e) Singer- Songwriters
f) New Branches
g) ’’O Brother’’ and More
h) More Recordings
i) Government Recognition
j) The Legacy
Folk Music Introduction

Sometimes, defining folk music is relatively simple. Traditional folk music is anonymously written music from a given culture. It is performed by ’’folk’’- the ordinary people in the

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