How to Become a Folk Singer.

Topics: Folk music Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: November 6, 2012
The intricacies of the arcane process of becoming a folk singer

To achieve success in the field of commercial folk music you must do the following: gather experience, find a good manager, adjust your appearance, and find a good songwriter. But, before even thinking of becoming one you need to make sure you meet the following prerequisites: one, you come from a rural surrounding, preferably from a small village in the mountains with next to no opportunities for a decent education, or any kind of intellectual advancement whatsoever, and two, your intelligence coefficient is very small, preferably bellow seventy. Although there have been folk singers with an IQ of above said number, they have not achieved major success in the field. If you do not meet these requirements, abandon all hope that you might one day become a folk singer; if you do, proceeded to the steps that follow. First, because your career begins at a local inn, tavern, pub or any other similar fine and respectable establishment, you need to approach the owner of said establishment and let him or her know that you are interested in entertaining the audience, with your voice, for a minimum wage. Knowing that you will work for next to nothing, he or she will hire you, but this should not bother you as this is just the beginning of your carrier and it is almost impossible to earn as much money as respectable folk stars do. This is necessary in order to obtain the first of the necessary ingredients you will need to become a folk singer, and that is experience. The long sleepless nights spent entertaining besotted patrons at a local inn will ensure that you are ready for the difficult, mind-numbing process of becoming a folk singer.

Then, after many years of arduous labor you will be well known by the local rural community and, therefore, will attract potential managers. These will take ninety percent of what little earnings you already have, but you must endure as this is a necessary step in...
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