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Topics: President of the United States, Iraq War, George W. Bush Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: March 10, 2014
Henry Chen
Drama 1
Ms. Martin
Response to American Dreamz
“American Dreamz” is a hysterical satire that mocks everything and everyone in America that makes this movie extremely hilarious. In many instances it is hard to realize that this movie was made by Hollywood studious since this film mocks just about everything about American culture. For example, this movie mocks so much about the current situations of American back when George Bush and Dick Cheney were in office, as well as the television show American Idol. The president played by Dennis Quaid does a great job at impersonating President Bush by mocking Bush’s lack of knowledge during the war. In the movie, the president became drawn to the amount of things he did not know of when he first read the newspaper after a long while and found out that there were three kinds of Iraqis. Moreover, Willem Dafoe is the perfect mockery of Dick Cheney as he plays the Chief of Staff that desperately tried to help the president get back in to the public’s eye by booking him as a guest judge on television’s top rated show, “American Dreamz.” He helped the president speak intelligently and confidently by putting a mini ear bud which acted like a walkie talkie which is a hilarious mockery of the president of the United States.

The film offers a very interesting take on what the problems are in modern American in 2006. It creates a perfect blend of political satire, social commentary, and dark humor. This film looks at America seen by a young Iraqi man, Omer who comes to the states after spending his life being indoctrinated by a terrorist organization. Through his eyes, we see all the good and all the bad that this country has to offer. As a result, every single person, with the exception of Omer, is a caricature. The Arab terrorists are made significantly personified to create the separation from reality that satire requires. By the same satires, the heartless Hollywood producer, the white-trash family,...
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