Ambu a/S

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Ambu A/S
The aim of this project is to prepare a decision base for Ambu’s international marketing strategy.

Table of contents
Problem background
Problem issues
Problem statement
Deciding which markets to entry/screening
Choice of a specific country
The external environment
PESTLE analysis
Political factors:
Economic factors:
Socio-Cultural factors:
Technological factors:
Legal regulations:
Environmental factors

Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis
Sub conclusion
The Internal environment
Porter’s Value Chain Analysis
Research and Development
Sales and Service
Sub conclusion
End-User Analysis
Defining the objectives of the survey
Survey methodology
Determining the sampling group
Questionnaire analysis
Results interpretation
Estimation of the potential sales
Discussion of reliability and validity in the project
Choice of the strategy. Suggestions
Suggestions on marketing mix
Distribution (place) strategy
Pricing strategy
Product strategy
Promotion Strategy
Implementation plan
Enclosure 1
Enclosure 2
Enclosure 3
Enclosure 4
Enclosure 5
Enclosure 6
Enclosure 7
Enclosure 8
Enclosure 9
Enclosure 10
Enclosure 11
Enclosure 12
Enclosure 13
Enclosure 14
Enclosure 15

Problem background
About Ambu
Ambu1 develops, produces and markets diagnostic and life-supporting equipment and solutions to hospitals and rescue services. The largest business areas are Respiratory Care, Cardiology and Neurology in which the most important products are ventilation products for artificial respiration and single-use electrodes for ECG tests and neurophysiological mappings. Approx. 98% of the Group’s products is sold on export markets through Ambu’s foreign sales companies or distributors. The total number of employees is 1216 of whom 313 work in Denmark and 903 in Ambu's sales and production companies outside Denmark. Ambu’s strategic development

Since 1996, when Ambu posted the first deficit in its 60 years of operation, change has been the keyword. In 1999 a new strategy set out to develop the business on the basis of, among other things, a wish to ensure sizeable growth in turnover and earnings, and a considerable improvement of production efficiency, development activities and marketing. In November 2000 Ambu acquired Agepharm2, a French company who produces first aid products for burns. The same year Ambu took over the following companies: (1) Dynasty (Xiamen), the plastic production and assembling company in China; (2) NAJO Emergency Products3 in USA, the manufacturer of innovative spinal immobilization products. The acquisition of Medicotest and its electrode business in 2001 meant a doubling in size of the original Ambu business and a considerable strengthening of the product range. In the summer 2002 the Strategy-2005 was presented. The strategy involved focus on selected product categories and markets capable of contributing high growth and satisfactory value creation. Problem issues

Ambu’s current strategy4
In October 2005 Ambu reached the end of the Strategy-2005. This strategy was well executed and Ambu reached most of its objectives that were set up. The solid platform for further growth was established. Through continued growth, Ambu has achieved a position as the leading player within selected segments in the medico-technical industry. The Ambu’s new strategy, Strategy-2008, can be characterized as an ambitious further development of Strategy-2005, and is based on Ambu’s current foundation. Ambu has successfully realised a number of the objectives laid down in the strategy 2008. The result has been continuous growth in revenue, but in the past two financial years, the combined growth has not reached the desired level. The overall growth in the past two years has not met the expectations set out in Strategy 2008....
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