Amateur boxing knowledge essay

Topics: Boxing, Amateur boxing, Olympic Games Pages: 4 (1146 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Jason Komanekin
Eric Jurgens
English 101
4 September 2014
Knowledge of Amateur Boxing Boxing is not just a sport it is also an art or a technique. It is a beautiful sport but it is also a brutal sport.You do not play boxing you fight boxing in a sportsmanship competition. You must work hard to participate in it. It takes a lot of time, dedication and hard training to become a good and even more time and training to be a great boxer. Not just anybody can box, you have to be as mentally strong as much as you are physically strong. Some people under estimate the physicality of the sport, but once they try it they realize how tough of a sport that it is. In order to be a coach in amateur boxing you must register with USA boxing and pass their qualification and coaching clinics. There are three different level coaches in amateur boxing. Level one coach is coaches than just starting out coaching on a beginner or state level. Level two coaches are coaches that have more experience and have coached on the regional and even some national level tournaments. The last level of coaching is the level three coaches they are coaches that have coached on the national and international levels. There is a right way and a wrong way to teach someone how to box. There is a lot blood, sweat and tears that go into to making a champion. Any person can walk through the door but it takes a champion to keep coming back to the gym. They must learn that there is more to just hitting a punching bag in a gym, They must learn that miles of road work, rounds and rounds of sparing along with many hour out of your day must go into making a champion. Then there are the trainers or coaches that will just put anybody in the ring to just make a match and that’s the way you do not want to learn. People can start amateur boxing at the age of eight and stay amateur up to the age of forty in Olympic style boxing. They also...
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