Who Killed Benny Paret - Analysis Essay

Topics: Boxing, Traumatic brain injury, Knockout Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Millions of people worldwide take part as spectators to the sport of prize fighting: better known as boxing. In a 1962 essay entitled “Who Killed Benny Paret?” the author, Norman Cousins, writes about the dangers that come with the sport of boxing. He especially talks about a match that resulted in the death of a boxer named Benny Paret. Cousins argues that boxing is just a show of violence and that boxers put themselves in the ring just for the simple purpose of entertaining a crowd. Even though investigations reflect the role of the referee, Paret’s manager, and the doctor’s examinations as the main cause of Paret’s death, Cousins blames Paret’s death on the people that attends boxing matches to see a man get hurt or knockout because he agrees with Mike Jacobs. The death of Benny Paret leaded to many investigations in which relate to the referee, his manager and the doctors. Cousins wrote, “One question that was solemnly studied in all three probes concerned the action of the referee. Did he act in time to stop the fight? Another the role of the examinating doctors who certified the physical fitness of the fighter. Still another question involved Mr. Paret’s manager; did he rush the boy into the fight without time to recuperate from the previous one?” (par. 6). In a boxing match the role of the referee is to give instructions to both boxers before the fight, to determine when to start or stop a count when a fighter is down or when a foul is so egregious that a warning should be given or points taken away, to signal when the round is finish and to determine when one fighter's health will be endangered by more blows and thus, stops the fight. Cousins points out that it is futile to investigate the referee’s role and seek to determine whether he should have intervened to stop the fight earlier (par. 8). The manager controls the business of the fighter, advising him on contracts and fights, arranging sparing partners, trainers, handling travel...
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