Alternatives to Healthy Fast Foods

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Restaurant Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: September 5, 2011
When it comes to fast foods the right choices have to be made prior to ordering. Today the purpose of this introduction is to show how the fast food industry can offer healthier foods on their menus or if not then the healthy choices that can be chosen. Chose healthy eating when eating on the go and there is no time to prepare meals ourselves. Look at the number of calories on their regular day to day menu and compare them to an healthier alternate choice.

Eat fast food while considering low fat , low calories and especially low sodium diets. America is concentrating more on the healthy living and this is a better way to incorporate this through fast food.

Finding healthy foods in fast food restaurants is a big challenge, but it can be done. Americans today are in a rush therefore fast foods are a quick and easy way to feed the family. Fast food is alright time to time but only in moderation. When ordering from a fast food restaurant and the healthy choices are limited here are some tips that can help you create a healthy meal. 1.Stay away from the fried foods. Order lean meats that are baked or broiled. 2.Cut down or hold the sauces, they are high in sodium. 3.Drink water with your meal instead of carbonated drinks, this can help with the reduction of calories.

4.Eat in moderation, stay away from the super sizing and the all you can eat buffets.
5.I know that a burger is good with the bacon on it, however the bacon on a burger adds extra sodium to the meal.
6.Choose a healthy dessert, instead of cake or pies try the fresh fruit or yogurt.

We will now look at a few fast food restaurants and the better choices that we can make when ordering off the menu. We have taken a look...
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