Alternate Ending to a Small Free Kiss in the Dark

Topics: The dozens, 2007 singles, Mother Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The Light in the dark
Home sweet home
Max and I quickly huddle around a fire that the soldier has created from some wood in the shed. I look at his young, now hardened face. His blue eyes brighten at the sight of fire. I sit there thinking deeply, completely mesmerized by the glowing orange inferno, thinking what happens next. I collect all the facts. Max doesn’t have a mother to look after him. Sixpence I promised Tia I would look after. I looked at billy his face looked weak from the adventure and the responsibility he had taken on looking after us. The soldier took a chair opposite billy and warmed his hands up to the fire. He was reasonably built with a golden tan but his face still showed all the war he had endured. No one spoke I hated the silence it was like a single painting in a huge blank white art gallery. “So what’s your name?” I looked at Max and frowned but I was glad he broke the silence. We all looked at the soldier waiting to see if he would reply. He eyed us three up, it felt like a knife going through my face. “My names Austin, Austin Invictus. Billy’s hand starts shaking, “going out for some fresh air.” He takes one more look at the Austin walks out into the cold misery that waits outside. I asked the question that had been on my mind, “why did you join the army? “Well I didn’t really have a choice I grew up in a military school, for my dad had died in a car accident when I was very young.” I could see the years of struggling and war in his eyes, so I refrained from questioning him more. We all looked back into the smouldering wood, the flames leaped and danced. It reminded me of how Tia always glowed when she danced on the stage. Suddenly Billy bursts through the door dripping with tears. “What’s the matter Billy?” Max asks.

“Austin both your parents didn’t die in the car accident your father survived.” Billy collapsed on couch, shivering with cold. I pulled him closer to the fire to warm his frozen core. I looked at Austin to see his...
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