All Summer in a Day

Topics: Earth, Sun, Planet Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: March 31, 2008
Relation between character-atmosphere
The environment is an important aspect in a story; it will determine most of the attitudes taken in the written work. The atmosphere will tell the feelings expressed by the characters in the story though to the relation between character-atmosphere. Related with the atmosphere is the mood. Given that the atmosphere affects the character therefore it will also affect the mood.

In the story “All Sumer in a Day” the atmosphere has even more influence though to the place where it takes place. Since the place of the story is Venus-the planet- it will be hard for those who are not used to that kind of environment. It was said in the story that the children living in this planet have been there since they were 2 years old. They have experience no other type of climate but rainy days, that’s why they find it so normal. The reactions they took when the sun came out revealed that they never ever had seen the shininess of the beautiful sun. This appearance of the sun will be a huge influence in the behavior of the children from now on, just like it was for Margot. They will be hoping to see it again soon the same way Margot was anxious about seeing the sun again.

The mood will be different, the children will expect more and will now see Margot differently because she was right about what she told them and they didn´t believe. Even though it will continue raining the environment will change and the perspective or way to see thing will also change.
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