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Topics: The Fall of the House of Usher, Edgar Allan Poe, Catalepsy Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: September 25, 2014
Name: shamilha Wilson Date: 9.15.14 School: deshler Facilitator: wiggings

4.02 “The Fall of the House Usher” Questions

Directions: Answer the following questions thoroughly in complete sentences. (42 points)

1. Examine the first paragraph of the story. Choose five terms that Poe uses to establish the atmosphere of the story. Identify the atmosphere that is created and explain why Poe’s diction (word choice) is effective. Oppressively


2. Describe the physical appearance of the house of Usher.

3. Why does the narrator visit the House of the Usher?
Invited by his old childhood friend Roderick Usher to come to the Usher house to try to cheer him up.

4. What is unusual about the Usher family tree?

5. Describe Roderick’s painting. How is this a foreshadowing of what is to come? suffers from a nervous disorder that heightens his senses, the narrator essays to cheer Usher by engaging with him in the artistic endeavors of reading, painting, and playing music, feeling that these aesthetic activities will soothe his soul's turmoil.

6. What was the diagnosis of Lady Madeline’s disease? (What was wrong with her?) Sick with a disease called catalepsy it causes her nervous disorders.

7. About what was the “The Haunted Palace,” the poem Roderick wrote? about a king , in a olden time period.

8. What does Roderick do with Madeline’s body? Why does the narrator not find this strange? He preserves it but he does not feel at liberty to dispute the reason why he did such thing.

9. What was the vault below the house of Usher used for in the past? Why is this important to the story? To place the coffin of the friend.

10. What did the storm outside on the seventh or eighth day after Madeline’s death represent?      

11. What story does the narrator read to Roderick during the storm in an attempt to calm him?...
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