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Alibaba Group|
Business Report and Event Evaluate|
Group A|
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Section A: Alibaba3
B.Brief history of Company Development4
1.Establishing group period: 1998 – 19994
2.Forming diversification period: 2000-20034
3.Forming group principal activities period: 2003-20074
4.Modernization and internationalization development period: 2007-now5
C.Business operations5
2.Ali international business (
E.Target markets:7
F.Evaluation & recommendations7
Section B: Event Evaluate----The Establishment of Alipay8
A.What is Alipay?8
B.Background for set up of Alipay9
C.Target clients and strategic objective9
D.Establishment course10
E.Opportunities and Challenges11
Section C: Reference13
Section A: Alibaba
A. Introduction
Alibaba Group was founded by Ma Yun (Jack Ma) and other 17 people in 1999 in Hangzhou. It is the first electronic commerce company in china, which provides a platform for small and medium-sized manufacturers to trade products both in domestic and foreign market. It is generally recognized as the top B2B (Business-to-Business) company in China. The company has 13 sub-companies now and constantly improves for the mission of being one of the world’s top internet sites.

B. Brief history of Company Development
1. Establishing group period: 1998 – 1999
In December 1998, the establishment of “Alibaba Online” marked the birth of the Alibaba Company. At this period, Alibaba group set up their special B2B business model and affirmed their main development strategy. 2. Forming diversification period: 2000-2003

During this period, Taobao was brought out. Alibaba Group started to devote itself into C2C (Consumer to Consumer) business. Alipay, which is the third-party payment platform, was also established for making online trade more effective and efficient. These two major events can be regard as the inevitable outcome of the B2B model and attempt of diversification by Alibaba Group. 3. Forming group principal activities period: 2003-2007

After attempt of diversification, Alibaba group took over Yahoo Inc.'s China operations in 2005 and set foot in search engine and classified information business. During this period, seven business module of Alibaba Group was shaped. It is the basis of Alibaba development model of perfection and expansion. 4. Modernization and internationalization development period: 2007-now In November 2007, successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It marked the beginning of internationalization development in Alibaba’s history. In the same year, Alibaba Japanese Website was built. Alibaba Group R&D Institute was established subsequently. Owing to constantly grow, in 2012, Alibaba exited Hong Kong stocks market and implemented privatization officially.

C. Business operations

“Meet at Alibaba”: Fully research the market satiation in China in 1999, Alibaba set a strategy of “meet at alibaba”, which is provide supply and demand information for free for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Even though the internet bubble burst in 2001, Alibaba still adhere to the policy of free, for this reason, Alibaba gathered a large number of supply and demand information in a short time and become widely popular.

“Work at Alibaba”: On the basis of popularity expanded rapidly, its overall development strategy from” meet at Alibaba” to “work at Alibaba”, and the object of this strategy is to help SME survival, growth and development. For instance, Alipay...
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