Alderfer's ERG Theory: The Pilot Vestibule Or Simulation

Topics: Marketing, Surfboard, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 5 (1211 words) Published: August 23, 2017

Question 2

1. The pilot- Vestibule or Simulation
2. The new receptionist- Role-playing
3. The junior manager- Case-study

Alderfer’s ERG Theory:
• Existence needs- relate to a person’s basic, material, existence, for example, food, heat and safety needs.

• Growth needs- driven by the inner desire for personal development, for example, respect and self-actualisation.

• Relatedness needs- stresses the importance of interpersonal and social relationships.

Market means a group of consumers with different needs and wants. Market aggregation is when consumers are treated as a single group and are handled in the same manner yet market segmentation is the dividing of a market of consumers into groups (segments) based on characteristics...

Jobbing process- represents operational processes done on a small scale with a low volume of production although the nature of the work is the same (Erasmus et al, 2013: 273). Examples are printing of wedding invitations.

3. Batch processes- a limited range of products is produced by the business and production come in batches. Batch appears to be the same as jobbing but not the same amount of variety. Examples are toasters and even Blue-ray DVD players (Erasmus et al, 2013: 274).

4. Mass processes- the production of products in a high amount of volume even though there is little variety. Examples are a poultry farm and motor-car manufacturer (Erasmus et al, 2013: 274).

5. Continuous processes- this is a step beyond mass production because the amount of volume is greater but there is very little variety in the type of product at hand. Examples are a cement manufacturer and a paper manufacturer (Erasmus et al, 2013: 274).

Batch processes, because Triple D is only going to be selling an amount of hundred surfboards to Mr Price Sport per month so basically they are going to be working in “batches.”...

Ads can be made on the Mr Price Sport website.
`Sundry recruiting strategies- businesses often visit schools/universities to draw the attention of student to join their company and the opportunities at hand (Erasmus et al, 2013: 311).

Recruitment through the internet, because you will get more attention since more people are active online and it will attract a younger set of people to accommodate what Daniel is looking for.

Q.3.6 According to Erasmus, Strydom and Rudansky Kloppers (2013) three marketing communication elements are:
1. Advertising- during summer time you can have your adverts on the television, social media or even the internet. Surfing is more of sports for people who enjoy the beach so why not have advertisements and billboards by the beach. You can also have adverts on Instagram and have your very own hashtag (#TripleD) and that’s how a trend will start and make your product more public via social...
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