Alabama Moon

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Alabama Moon Notes

Main Character: Moon Blake

Supporting Characters: Kit Slip, Hal Mitchell, Constable Sanders, Mr. Wellington, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Abroscotto, Pap(Oliver Blake)

Plot: Moon Blake grows up in the forest with his father because of his father's hatred for the government. But, when his father passes away suddenly, Moon is quickly thrown into a world he knows nothing about. On his way to Alaska, he is taken as a ward of the state and put into Pinson, a boys' home. He escapes with new friends, Kip and Hal into the forest to live once again. When Hal leaves to live with his father, and Kip gets sick, Moon has to live with the painful feeling of loneliness once again. But, his true enemy, mean-spirited Constable Sanders, continues to try and make Moon suffer. Moon uses his inner strength to fight all of the negative energy in his life and stays strong through it all.

Moral: "Don't judge a book by its cover" Moon is first perceived as an organic, hippie, natural sort of boy. He lives in the forest and it makes it look like he is very bohemian. However, throughout the book, you see the childish, playful, and sensitive side of him. It made you begin to enjoy his character and see the way that he had a different perspective, one that is special. Chapters 1-5

The first chapter starts off by talking about Moon's journey of burying his father. It talks about how the smoke letters were a way to communicate to the dead. It also talks about the shelter he and his father built. The shelter is camouflaged with leaves, dirt, and roots to conceal into the natural environment. Daily activities are also talked about, like shooting, and hunting. It also talks about the loneliness that Moon is suffering through. 2 The second chapter starts off by talking about the land owned by Paper Company that their shelter is on was being sold. Moon talks about how obvious it was that his father was worried. His father started to make boundaries and restrictions(no swimming in the creek and to stay close to the shelter unless checking traps or getting drinking water). Then, Moon talks about how surveyors find their shelter and "poke around for an hour". We find out later that it was the new owner's team to look over his new property. Then, Moon and his Pap go to Mr. Abroscotto’s General Store and find out a big-time lawyer Mr. Wellington owns the land and is making a huge cabin-style house in the middle of his new property. Moon also figures out that his father has become more distant to Moon because of the news. 3 Pap gets injured, the injury that he knows will end his life. Then, Pap starts giving Moon advice for when he's gone. The most important piece of advice he gave Moon was to go to Alaska where there are more "people like us" (people that have a strong hatred towards the government). Moon then has a fit because he doesn't think he can be alone and starts to cry. 4 This chapter starts off with a letter from Moon to his father, talking about his plans to get to Alaska and to visit Mr. Abroscotto's general store. It also talks about a watch Moon is supposed to inherit. However, Moon decides not to keep it, because he believes he doesn’t need it and his father thought that keeping things you didn’t need was wasteful. Then, Moon begins to pack up his belongings such as his traps for meat. 5 Moon walks to Mr. Abroscotto’s General Store with the box of Pap’s belongings to sell them. When Mr. Abroscotto hears about Pap’s death, he starts to tell Moon that he’s going to call the constable, but doesn’t because Moon stops him. Mr. Abroscotto then gives Moon money to help him on his way to Alaska. However, he begins to badmouth Moon’s Pap so Moon starts punching him. Then, Moon leaves and Mr. Abroscotto calls the constable and tells him about Moon’s situation.

Chapters 6-10
This chapter starts off by talking about how tomorrow is the day he is going to go to Alaska. Then, Moon gets very lonely and walks to Mr. Wellington, the new...
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