Analysis of The Higher Power of Lucky

Topics: The Higher Power of Lucky, Girl, Higher Power Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: April 6, 2013
I liked this book. I really admired Brigitte’s character. The fact that she was able to leave her fancy lifestyle, family, and extensive opportunities available to her in France, to take care of her ex-husband’s little girl that she had never met before, in a dirty little desert town out in the middle of nowhere, is truly amazing to me. Her character definitely grew throughout this book. I believe she went from being a young woman not knowing what she was getting into, to being a mature loving mother to a ten yr. old little girl who needed her very much. I also enjoyed Lucky’s character she made this book very interesting and fun to read. Lucky is a very smart, creative, lost little girl searching for something, and she didn’t know exactly what it was (Her Higher Power). The way the book ended was truly brilliant, leaving you to use your imagination to decide what Lucky’s Higher Power is. I would like to believe she found a God with a Higher Power who loved her and was looking out for what she needed. Some of the redeeming qualities of this book are the true value of friendship, which is represented through all of the characters in this book. It also teaches us the importance of honesty. If Lucky was honest with Bridgette about her feelings instead of just running away, it would have saved her a lot of heartache, and the feelings of one of her best friends, Miles. This book also encourages the use of your imagination to decide what lucky’s higher power is, one of my favorite aspects of this book. The only thing in this book that I did not agree with is the fact that Darwin is her hero. Because of my beliefs in Christianity I did not agree with this part of the book. The author did not dwell on this at all so I do not think it impacted the overall message that this book is trying to get across. There are several ways to interpret this book. Which is why I think it is loved by such a wide variety of people. Some people do not agree...
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