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B) Marketing Sales Strategies
1) Target market
Demographics Segment
The researchers which polled the views of 1,600 UK and US adults this September, revealed around half of the respondents are aware of products including Google Glass, Sony Smart Watches, and Samsung Galaxy Gear, particularly among the male under 45 years old demographic. The researchers proved that the price is a major barrier for the mass take-up of technology, particularly for 16-24 years old Physiographic

The Multipurpose Glassware are ideal for those “tech-savvy” adults that love to have some sort of technology with them all the time. The multipurpose glassware offers complete hands free accessibility that people with hectic, busy life would appreciate The Multipurpose Glassware will be a life changing product for sectaries, and busy businessman and woman all over the world. The features of this glassware are ideal for and appealing to those that live the busy lives that calls for them to be hands free. With a quick swipe of a finger and the tone of the user’s voice the usercan do almost anything with The Multipurpose Glassware hands free. The user can take a quick picture with a wink of an eye, make a call, facetime, get directions, send a text message, and even search the internet while being hands free. The Multipurpose Glassware target market is International Business Travellers between the age of 24-36, “tech-savvy” male enthusiast between the age of 21-40, mala and female teenagers between the ages 14-19.

1V : Marketing Plan
A) Market Place Analysis
1) Current Market
The multipurpose glassware uses a mass marketing approach. This glassware are technology related and it’s relatively inexpensive. It is a high end product with affordable price so that variety of individual can afford to buy them. This product is available in most countries and its easy to use for more demographic. Demographic/ Psychographic

The demographics of those who may buy multipurpose glassware mostly include upper or middle class residents of first world countries. Multipurpose glassware attracts males aged from 16-30 working in a technology related field or have interest in computers. Fashion forward individuals, especially woman are most likely not to buy as it is taught to look unfashionable. Individuals who are interested in keeping up with the newest technology are more likely to buy the product as well as individuals that have disposal income Market needs/ Benefits

Multipurpose glassware would benefit the market by allowing buyers easier access to the internet, providing a hands free method of communicating, taking pictures, recording videos, and accessing useful application. It also help fulfil the needs of the global technology market by utilizing translation tools that translates voice and signs in foreign language onto the screen. The main benefit glass brings to the market is it bring individuals closer to technology and each other, by making it easier to communicate and access the internet. Product Usage

Individuals who would use the multipurpose glassware include travellers, the deaf, and the professional working class. Travellers could use the foreign language translation and GPS services. The deaf require aid in communication. Multipurpose glass wear can display conversation in real time, giving the deaf the ability to read ongoing conversation and respond with ease. Professional individuals with busy lifestyle would use this product to multitask while ding additional activities with their hand. They would also use this glassware for taking videos, pictures, texting without using the hand. Multipurpose glassware is utilized by giving it voice commands and by having it translate text and voice onto the screen. Market Size Estimates

The largest possible market for multipurpose glassware includes consumers that are old enough to use the technology, can afford to buy the product, and lives in an area where the product is available....
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