Air Pollution

Topics: Air purifier, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Air pollution Pages: 4 (969 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Air Pollution

Air pollution in Egypt is a real, harmful and serious problem. It is caused by a wide variety of things. From these causes is the great amount of smoke that come from chimneys of factories that were built near the cities as it release great amount of harmful, poisonous, black smoke which is quickly spread in the air and change its color into black. Also the black color of car exhaust has a serious, bad effect on human's respiration and which unfortunately we breeze it daily as we walk on the streets. This car exhaust causes many horrible diseases in the human lungs and many other organs in the human body. In addition to all the means of transportation like buses and many others in Egypt that increases the rate of the black smoke in the air. All these effects affect mostly the houses which surround the streets and near chimneys as they can be easily polluted by this smoke. Such effects can easily help to increase the percent of viruses in the air and affect the human's health. Although the filters of the factories chimneys help to reduce the amount of smoke in the air, they are not used in the right way and sometimes they are not used at all. Aside from all of the usual and attempted supposed solutions, some real solutions, if implemented, would actually help reduce the air pollution problem. These solutions fall under the following title: Pollution Reduction Strategies.

The set of proposed solutions was contributed by the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA as an innovative effort to solve this problem in a safe way and which was updated in Egypt on March 29, 2007. These solutions describe methods for measuring the size and degree of pollution, factors that affect air pollution, and potential strategies for reducing air pollution problem. The factors are only based on the degree of air pollution being studied. The degree of air pollution depends on various factors such as the viruses that come from the smoke of car exhaust and...
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