Aim of Terrorism Acts

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Aim and Description

Our primary aim is to offer artist and dealers a platform to showcase their works to investors, we also want our young artist to learn from other professional artist, and in that way we show the world the incogitable, marvelous, and pulchritudinous that South Africa as a whole has to offer. The festival is a for-profit event to generate funds for the community and it will help increase the quality life for our community. DATES OF EVENT

04-06 April 2013
Reason being that autumn in South Africa, which is usually mid-February to April offers in some ways the best weather nationwide. Very little rain falls over the whole country. In the afternoon the weather is warm but not too hot, getting cooler as night approaches giving it that African feel. The time was for both the early birds and the heavy sleepers giving them both enough time to prepare for the day ahead.

Four advantages
1. Events can have a positive impact on the economy of your community by bringing money into the local economy. Tourism dollars are said to turn over 7 times in a community, generating additional tax dollars helping to keep your taxes down.

Four Possible threats
* Weather safe
* Temperature Controlled
* No tearing down the booth for overnight
* Greater Security

The Peter Mokaba Stadium
Reason why I chose the stadium for my event is accessibility. The stadium is easily reachable by the tourists and the ambulance in case of emergencies. The size is large enough to accommodate the activities and for free roaming from area-to-area, and it is not so large that it leaves vast spaces between activities. There is enough space for over 500 cars and it also provides handicap parking spaces. The parking spaces are also not in a flood area. We have also made sure that the transport links are easily accessible as we know that transport links to the venue are key. Spending eight hours in a queue outside the festival is no one’s idea of fun. We also...
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