South Africa Is Our Only Real Mother

Topics: South Africa, Africa, Earth Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: August 26, 2013

● The hand that rocks the cradle,
● Is the hand that rules the world.

● These are the wise words of William Wallace.
● I agree with him: A mother knows how to educate her children. ● For us South Africa is our only real mother.

● Plinius said: People undertake great journeys to faraway places to see things that they don't appreciate in their own country. ● Our Mother South Africa cares about us, and therefore she takes us to her Art Museum filled with all her beautiful treasures of nature. ● Table Mountain with its cloudy table-cloth, is the beacon where a new nation was born. ● Then she takes us on the Garden Route through Kirstenbosch with its fynbos and proteas. ● According to the description of the poet Lina Spies, Namaqualand is the place where God's seed sachet was leaking... ● When Spring starts, the earth is covered with thousands of colored flowers that take your breath away! ● From there she takes you on a game drive to the big five. ● Nowhere else in the world will you find this unique variety of wild life: Lions, Elephants, Rhino, Buffalo's and Leopards. ● It is the dream of every hunter to have a trophy of one of these animals as part of his hunting collection- ● Says Peter Wakeford in the magazine “Go” of Oct 08.

● A mother definitely spoils her child.
● South Africa has many resources.
● If you open the tap, the water is running.
● If you drive into the countryside, you see the crop fields, vineyards, fruit orchards, vegetable farms and plantations that provide food and oxygen to Mother Africa's children. ● If you walk out the door and see children play, you realize that that is a privilege - ● Says Rudi van Wyk in Rooi Rose of July 08.

● Oversees cluster houses with no garden at all, are the normal way of living. ● So, appreciate the open blue, African Sky!

● Ecologist Sydney Wright said: The earth is our playground. ● Mother South Africa nurtures us.
● We are all caught up in the rat race...
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