Agriculture and technology

Topics: Agriculture, New Guinea, Papua New Guinea Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: April 14, 2013
These days, we have plenty of technology to help us with our agriculture and animals, but before the technological age, people had other ways of growing the crops they needed. A main question that is yet to be answered is why are some civilizations more advanced than others? This could be answered in many ways from technology to agriculture. When civilizations started to realize the power of technology, a few civilizations fell behind in the technological rush. Some countries and civilizations were revolved around agriculture and farming because of the geography of where they live.

Domesticated animals are a big part of a successful agriculture because of their many resources. Most civilizations depend on their animals to do their work, fertilize the soil and use them for meat. Animals are a major part of civilizations and many countries are unable to use the precious animals because of the living conditions of that area. This could make the country fall behind on their outcome of crops because other countries or civilizations have better and more advanced systems to grow fruits and vegetables. Because of this, the countries without stable living conditions for those animals are unable to meet the par; and other countries are far ahead with their productions.

Being that some countries have less technological advancements, they are producing less and less and what they are able to produce is all that they need and no extra. For example, in Papua New Guinea, Jared Diamond was able to find out that all that they produce is just enough for them. They have very little crops and despite their very fertile soil, they have no technology to help them in their production. All of their crops are man planted and man grown. The soil is turned up with their own bare hands. It’s almost as if they are doing all that just to get nothing back because whatever they produce goes straight to feed their people and them. This shows that certain countries are way...
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