Agricultural Science Skills

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All CXC Agriculture SBA Skills CROP PRODUCTION
Section B (for Single Award and Double Award) Pay attention to underlined skills. 1. Identify the textural classes of soil.
2. Determine the pH of soil.
3. Use techniques of fertilizer application appropriate to type of crop, cropping system, climate and topography. 4. Use appropriate techniques in applying soil amendments. 5. Use an `A’ frame (level) to establish contour lines. 6. Use a rain gauge to produce rainfall records.

7. Demonstrate land preparation techniques:
a. Land clearing
b. Primary and secondary tillage
c. Drain formation
d. Ridge and furrows
8. Clean and maintain simple tools and the knapsack sprayer. 9. Demonstrate plant propagation techniques;
a. Budding
b. Grafting
c. Layering
d. Cutting
10. Preparing seed boxes and seed beds.
11. Thin out seedlings
12. Demonstrate cultural practices associated with crop production a. Modelling ;
b. Mulching;
c. Staking;
d. Pruning
e. Irrigating
f. Weed control
g. Pest and disease control
13. Use appropriate harvest and postharvest techniques.
SBA skills animal production
Section C (for single award and double award)
1. Identify parts of the digestive system of farm animals. 2. Use food test to identify carbohydrates, fats and proteins in feeds 3. Identify, collect and mount forage plants.
4. Determine the space requirements for different batches of broilers, layers. 5. Prepare a brooder for baby chicks
6. Clean and disinfect pens
7. Prepare eggs for incubation in a small-scale incubator. 8. Identify and treat pest and diseases in poultry, rabbits, and bees. 9. Collect, clean, sort, grade and pack table eggs.
10. Determine the dressing percentage of broilers and rabbits. 11. Slaughter and dress broilers.
12. Plan a marketing strategy for broilers.
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