Affordable Care

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The “Affordable Care Act” much better known as “Obamacare” is a new law that was recently passed under the Obama administration. This is a law that revamped the American health care system. Ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed we have seen a lot of controversy in society in regards to health care. Strongly supported by a liberal democratic party and strongly opposed by a conservative republican party, the Affordable Care Act is very controversial subject which affects us all as society and Americans.

To understand the controversy and where it stems from we must first understand the Affordable Care Act and what it affects. The Affordable Care Act was signed into law by president Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The law placed a major overhaul on the health care system and placed some very strong regulatory policies on many different areas of health care.

Some of the major regulations that the law placed on the health care system were allowing individuals under the age of 26 to remain under their parents health plan. In addition the law made provisions for women to have access to preventive care at little to no cost. Women and children were not the only people also taken into consideration under the law. The Affordable Care Act also allows yearly wellness visits and a lot of preventive services for seniors who have left their private health insurance companies for Medicare. Finally the law targets health insurance providers. According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services as of 2010 the Affordable care act Prohibits Denying Coverage of Children Based on Pre-Existing Conditions, Insurance Companies from Rescinding Coverage, Eliminating Lifetime Limits on Insurance Coverage, and Regulating Annual Limits on Insurance Coverage. While allowing you to appeal decisions made about claims or coverage. That’s not all the insurance companies now must justify anything over a 10% rise in costs and premiums.

For this new healthcare system to operate and function properly there must a significant amount of healthy people paying for health insurance to offset the medical cost and claims of the ill. This where we saw one the first major issue with the Affordable Care Act. When the government unveiled its insurance exchange website which allowed you to sign up for health care coverage it was riddled with technical problems which made it almost impossible to sign up for those who were looking to get involved. This slowed down the process of getting enough people to sign up to out weigh the costs. Many state run online insurance exchange marketplaces are also malfunctioning and are causing undesired issues.

Another issue that is making headlines is that fully employed members of the middle class are about to feel weight of the affordable care act. This is because employers may start to rethink the type of health insurance coverage they provide for their employees. They may change the quality of coverage or may shift more of the burden of the premiums they pay on to the employees. This is not the only issue employers are facing due to the affordable care act. Some of the medical coverage that is mandated to be covered under the act are against the moral beliefs of the employers. Things such as contraception would be covered at no cost if desired by the patient. This is causing a clash in society between different institutions in society such as the medical, religious, and governmental institutions.

With all these negative attributes, one would ask “So what’s so good about this law?” Like anything the Affordable Care Act comes with its good, and bad. The Affordable Care Act has now made health insurance available for millions of people who previously were not able to afford or obtain health insurance due to a pre-existing condition and high cost. That’s not all before the Affordable Care Act people who were required medical attention and did not have health insurance would still...

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