Advertising or Free Speech

Topics: Human rights, Corporate social responsibility, Rights Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: August 15, 2010
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First assignment CASE: Advertising or Free Speech| |


a) What ethical issues faced by MNCs in their treatment of foreign workers could bring allegations of misconduct in their operations?

The ethical issues that faced by MNCS in their treatment of foreign workers is the issue of human right. But currently there are no universally adopted standard and a great deal of subjectivity and culturally biased viewpoints exist among this issue, so it is a tough task for MCNS to practice it properly. Some basic human rights that MNCs could not violate are: the right of life, freedom from slavery or torture, freedom of opinion and expression, and general ambiance of nondiscriminatory practices.

b) Would the use of third-party independent contractors insulate MNCs from being attacked? Would that practice offer MNCs a good defensive shield against charges of abuse of ‘their employees?’

The use of third-party independent contractors could protect the MNCs from being attacked, but it would not able to insulate it. In my opinion, that practice offer may be able to help MNCs win a law suit, but it would never reduce the bad image that a MNC gives to the public. So it is only a good defensive shield for MNCS in the economic perspective.

c) Do you think that statements by companies that describe good social and moral conduct in the treatment of their workers are part of the image those companies create and therefore are part of their advertising message? Do consumers judge companies and base their buying decision on their perceptions of corporate behavior and values? Is the historic “made in” question (e.g., “Made in the USA”) now being replaced by a “made by” inquiry (e.g., “Made by Company X” or “Made for Company X by Company Y”)?

Yes, in my opinion the statements by companies that describe good social and moral conduct in the treatment of...
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