Advertising Cosmetics Critical Analysis

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Advertising Cosmetics in The Modern World
While working at John Bull during the Christmas break I learned a lot about what women bought. Surprisingly, it was never the fancy bags or watches nor the extravagant perfumes but the makeup items were very popular. I guessed that there must have been a correlation between the many cosmetic company’s ads that were displayed on the walls outside the building and the sale of the products. The ads made various women feel as if these products will make them prettier, more attractive and young looking; it catered to their insecurities and encouraged many to patronize the business. Cosmetic ads flourish through our society and are known as great business promoters because they are guaranteed to attract customers. Nowadays, magazine ads appeal to human emotions and use attention grabbers to promote a company’s product however many lack basic information needed to finalize a sale. In this critical analysis I will discuss three makeup advertisements from different magazines.

The Revlon, Covergirl and Maxi advertisements all cater to a basic human desire to be attractive and to feel flawlessly beautiful by society’s standards with the clear purpose to help sell cosmetic products to the public. Society defines beauty by the color of our skin, our eyes, our shape, and our appearance. These ads portray women that fit into society’s ideology of beauty, consequently they evoke an inferno self hatred among themselves and they opt to use various cosmetic items to enhance their beauty – this is the underlying theme of the advertisements. In the Revlon ad, Emma Stone, a famous actress poses wearing the makeup foundation that is being advertised. She is an American star that represents power, beauty and fame. This ad immediately suggests that this product will enhance your beauty allowing you to be socially equivalent to Emma Stone. Like the Revlon ad, the Covergirl ad uses a famous female actress and singer...
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