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Report on advertising and promotion.

1.0 Terms of Reference
On the 12th of December I was asked to write a report recommending a marketing communications strategy for the next two years reaching out to both consumer and business markets. Procedure
In order to obtain the relevant information and opinions, I followed the following procedure: 1.1 I used class handouts to help me gather information
1.2 I also used notes which I noted down in class discussions 1.3 The college library was used and the e- learning resources were utilised. 1.4 I also did additional research on the internet and from relevant books.

2.0 Findings

The aim of the business is to provide a family friendly environment with professional business facilities and training centres. Offering virtual reality experiences in every aspect of the customers stay. We aim to provide a service useful for every customers needs to the 24 hour restaurant to the crèche. Ensuring that the customer service, customers receive is to the highest of standard during their stay in order to gain repeat custom and a loyal customer base.

These are smart targets virgin could use:

S - For all staff to achieve excellent customer service skills with every customer using the hotel.

M - If staff have excellent customer service skills, customers will enjoy threw stay and use the hotel again.

A- It is achievable as the company will have a excellent training regime for all staff.

R- It will be realistic if the company employs the correct people for the jobs needed.

T - The objective does not have a specific time limit.

To gain more customers than all other hotels in the area.

S - To achieve a quarter more customers than all other hotels in the area.

M- If more customers visit the hotel profits and sales will raise making more money than the other hotels keeping ahead of competition.

A- It is achievable as new attractions and a good marketing campaign will be used that will attract new customers.

R- It is realistic as the hotel can offer better up to date facilities than any other hotel in the area.

T- The objective will be timed to one year so progress can be measured.

The Company should focus on how they communicate to ensure they reach out to all potential customers. IMC is the mix of communication strategies a business can employ. It consists of the following: Advertising

Personal selling
Sales promotion
Direct marketing
Public relations

2.1 Advertising needs to be used to market the hotel to highlight the hotels services and advantages to its customers this will be a good way off emphasising to potential customers the reasonable prices the hotel will offer. Schultz argues that “marketing communications often presents the only differentiating feature that can be offered to potential consumers, by recognising the fact that everything a company does consist in some form, of communication between its self and its customers, it becomes aware of the increasingly important role of marketing communications as a strategic tool” (Schultz et al. 1992) . There is a wide range of target markets that virgin need to reach as the hotel offers a wide range of facilities from virtual reality entertainment centres, crèches, sea life centres to business meeting rooms and conference facilities. Demographic variables need to be looked at to develop its target markets. Age, occupation, lifestyle and family life cycle are the main variables virgin need to look at as their potential target markets are: families, tourists and other business as the facilities of the hotel match the needs and wants of these target markets. Psychographic variables also need to be focused on to develop a further understanding of the...

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Date accessed 28.1.2012
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