Advantages and Reasons Why the American Colonists Won over the British in the American Revolution

Topics: American Revolutionary War, George Washington, Continental Army Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Advantages and reasons why the American colonists won over the British in The American Revolution

During the American Revolution, The British and the American colonists had many difficulties and challenges to overcome. Both sides had great disadvantages and advantages, but the in the end the colonists had the most advantages and won their independence from the British. Some of the most important reasons the colonists won was that they were fighting on their own continent and knew the land better than the British, they received help from other European countries such as France and they had a well-experienced General; George Washington.

To travel to America and battle against the colonists, the British soldiers had to go across the Atlantic Ocean, which was a very long and slow journey of over 3,000 miles. At that time it would take over 5 weeks to cross the ocean from England to the east coast of America and the soldiers also had to bring all their heavy equipment and military supplies. The conditions at the ships the soldiers travelled in were not excellent and some soldiers died on the way to America due to lack of food and diseases. Also, the travel across the Atlantic Ocean weakened the communication between the generals and the government in London and the information that was sent out was usually about two months out of date. The British troops in America were walking around on an unknown continent without much food, and especially on the cold winters on the east coast the conditions could be unbearable. The Americans on the other hand had local food sources and didn’t have to go around and starve and One major advantage the colonists had was that they were fighting on well-known territory and could more easily plan how and where they would attack the British troops.

The battle at Saratoga is often regarded as the turning point in the war. The revolutionaries’ self-confidence and determination was renewed. And most importantly, the victory...

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