Battle of Saratoga

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Continental Army, Fort Ticonderoga Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: March 5, 2007
Battle of Saratoga

During the time of the American Revolution, there were many battles that took place and affected the Revolution. One battle though, made a huge impact on the American Revolution. The Battle of Saratoga proved that the disadvantaged and weaker American forces were strong enough to overpower the British forces. It all started when General John Burgoyne needed to get his forces to Albany. He and his army headed across the Hudson River, where they would then take a road south-ward to Albany. Burgoyne knew the enemy (American forces) were in the area, but he did not know of their exact location. Leading to the Battles of Bemis Heights and Freeman's Farm, the Battle of Saratoga became known as a highly significant battle of the American Revolution. These battles were a necessity to the victory of the Revolution for the Americans.

The Battles of Bemis Heights and Freeman's Farm were very necessary because they really helped out the American's chances of winning more battles that would take place later. As General Burgoyne was leading his forces to Albany, he ran into the American forces at Bemis Heights (where they also fought after the battle of freeman's farm). The American forces needed to do anything they could to get rid of as many British forces as possible.

The Battles that took place had huge turning points for both side because the number of people that were killed and the amount of ammunition that was used affected later battles of the Revolution. In the Battle of Bemis Heights, Burgoyne had his army retreat northward for the town of Saratoga (silently in the night), having to leave the sick and injured behind, and the dead unburied. This proved how these battles affected the decisions of the fighting forces, some being sick and cruel, while others being intelligent and applicable.

The Battle of Freeman's Farm (taking place on September 19, 1777) was a very significant battle for the British and the Americans. The British were...
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