Battle of Trenton

Topics: Battle of Trenton, George Washington, Hessian Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: October 17, 2008
The Battle of Trenton

The Battle of Trenton was a very important battle. Yet, it was only a total of 90 minutes! It was in a December, and it was extremely cold. Only 4 Americans in casualties, and a lot of Hessians were killed. In the end, General George Washington’s army won. How it all happened, is what’s going to be explained.

General George had just retreated, and decided to cross the river. He had an army of 2400 men, and had planned a surprise attack to the Hessians. The journey to crossing the river, started at 8:00 P.M. and the weather started to get rough. It was snowing really hard, and snowed so hard, it slowed and delayed the trip, until they reached Trenton at 2:00 A.M. Finally, battle begun.

The Hessians were taken by surprise. As the Hessians ran, hurried in panic, they were hurrying to their guns. But the George’s surprise gave his army a big advantage. General George Washington had a bigger number of soldiers than Hessians. This is probably why the battle only lasted 90 minutes.

Trenton, fortunately, had no walls, which means there was no defense. It made the hessians incredibly vulnerable to attacks. The Hessians would have had a chance if Rall, had listed to his messages to fortify the town, and build up defenses and walls. But Rall decided to ignore the message, another reason why they had lost.

There was a trail of blood left in the snow. From the horrible weather, George’s army had lost an amount of blood in the snow. This was the national picture of General George’s army. This is why they were remembered. Although, there were myths of them being drunk from a Christmas party.
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