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advantages and disadvantages of computer scripts

By MichaelTeh Jan 28, 2014 452 Words
Should students bring electronics to school?
Students should be allowed to bring electronics to school. Why? Because without them the classroom will be noisy and disruptive EVERYONE will be playing up but with electronics it can keep the whole class all occupied. School have so many learning opportunities yet, people don’t know and don’t care about them. So that’s why I’m here to tell you 3 reasons why students can bring electronics to school. I believe this because I’m an electronics person that’s why I’m talking about this topic, and because I want schools to be a better place for students. To let them have a good future. Teacher always bring electronics to school. It’s so unfair isn’t it. Cellphones, Gaming Devices and I-pad will help improve our learning because they are great learninig devices and bordum busters.

Firstly, cellphones, Teacher are always on them while we are learning. First you hear that little ringtone then it’s the cellphone pulled out right in the middle of a lesson. It’s so annoying isn’t it? So to be fair why can’t students get out there’s as well while the teacher is distracted for a while. We need cellphones in case there were an emergency at school, and we need them to text and talk to friends. But what teachers don’t know is that if they let us use cellphones maybe we’ll repect more and be more responsible!

Secondly, Mini electronics, For example PSP, Gameboy, Nintendo and everything else in the Bordem busters catergory. What if there was a wet lunchtime or normal day where its just plain old boring and nothing to do well your mini electronic will do everything like play games, listen to music and you can also use the class internet for school work.

Besides, i-pads laptop and notebooks. It would be awesome to be able to work on 10-20 hours a week. We won’t have to use workbooks. Think of how much trees and paper we could save! There is internet access on the i-pads information and research that’s great because it’s right at your fingertips! There are apps on i-pads as well like the bible pp for religious education, dictionary for spelling and definitions and Maths for math-time. And much more educational things. Laptop and notebooks have Microsoft so we can do powerpoints, Cards and movies.

That is why I’m talking about this topics like Cellphones, Gaming devices and learning devices like Laptop and i-pad. Electronics will be a more better way for students for educational needs. Ok teachers, because it’s time to come into the 20 century. Thank you!

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