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Social, Cultural, and Technological Advances
In the world that we live in, advancements are everywhere, from headphones to the latest smart phones and calculators to computers. These things impact our lives whether we like it or not; therefore we are very reliant upon these advancements. Our reliance on these advancements has come about in recent years due to inexpensive access to technology that allows us to bring together our social lives while at the same time connecting us with different cultures. In the past twenty years many technological, social, and cultural advancements have bettered our society. In technology, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook which has allowed us to tie our lives together at the touch of a button. Facebook along with smart phones and other social networking devices has brought the social lives of our society together. By having all of this knowledge at our fingertips, people all around the world are learning and getting an understanding of all different cultures. All of these advancements more times than not help society. They do this by creating an ease to our lives. They also do this by allowing us to work more efficiently.

Technological, social, and cultural advancements have helped our society by making our lives easier. One example is from an excerpt from a Japanese light novel called Kino no Tabi (“Land of Shared Pain”). In this piece the protagonist Kino and her talking motorcycle Hermes pass through a town where humans live apart because of a feeling serum that allowed them to feel the pain of everyone around them; however, there are many helpful robots. “Discovering new medicines, perusing the sciences, creating works of literature, art, and music.” (Sigsawa 60). In this quote, Kino is talking to a man named Kyoshi who they found living in the town. He is explaining how much the people of the town were able to do because they had robots to do all the simple and easy tasks. By having machines to do those things, they had...

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