Technology Advances

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Technology Advances
Tyler D. Chenault
Memphis University

This paper explores the advancements in technology and focuses on how it relates to the lives of college students and businesses. It includes a journey through time and shows technology evolving. Technology is dissected throughout the paper from entertainment to strictly professionalism. This paper shows how important technology is and its value to daily lives as college students and businessmen. It even discusses how technology will affect the future of business and could change lives. It explains positive and negative affects. The more technology obtained, the more resources there are to create newer advanced technology.

Keywords: Business Communication, Technology, Entertainment

Technology Advances
Technology has always existed and immediately began evolving the day humans were created to use it. Technology is simply the usage and knowledge of tools. This can lead to certain techniques, systems or even methods of organization. Technology extends our abilities to change the world. As technology evolves into the 21st century, it encompasses the daily lives of most people, particularly the college realm to the business world. It is safe to say that new technology will entirely transform higher education and business communication, even more so than today.

In order to examine how technology affects the world today, it is important to understand how technology has improved through the years. Examining the definition, technology obviously allows humans to cut, shape, or put together materials. Therefore, technology can always be improved by using newer tools invented from newer technology. It expands the ability to reach farther with ones hands, voices, and senses (Science Net Links, 2010). Phones are the best examples of how technology evolves. The new smartphones would not be possible to make twenty years ago. Many factors had to fall into place first including the simple invention of a digital clock. The clock originated when Egyptians invented the sundial centuries ago. Today there is a clock on every wall, in every room and inside every cell phone. Nevertheless, other inventions such as phones, cameras, maps, music, cell phone towers, and even flashlights were invented years before the smartphone was thought of to incorporate all of these gadgets into one. In fact, it was not until 1965 that E.A. Johnson created the touchscreen monitor. Surprisingly, it was invented to control the air traffic in the U.K. and was not intended for a cell phone usage (Past and Present Technology 2011). This proves that touchscreen technology was invented almost fifty years ago; this technology has been evolving and improving ever since. It is safe to say that everyone uses technology today. Even in third world countries, if a little boy uses a stick to kill an ant, that is still technology in the simplest state. On the other hand, relating to college students and businesses, technology has improved work performance, communication, and even motivation through exciting new tools. Most students take about fifteen credit hours of classes and going to school everyday with a pencil and paper eventually gets boring by college. Fortunately, students now bring computers and tablets to class. They can type all day reducing hand cramps or record teachers lectures using technology. Of course faster computers means that students and employees can get more work done in less time. Just recent technology advances for computers have almost tripled the speed of computers than five years ago (Science Net Links, 2010). Newer technology allows teachers to use smart boards and projectors that help improve teaching. They can quiz students on the spot using technology and keep the students motivated to pay attention. Teachers can reply to emails, put assignments online, and even post grades up for students to examine at...

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