Interview with Mark Zuckerberg

Topics: Facebook, Mobile River Pages: 4 (1240 words) Published: October 1, 2014
An Interview with Mark Zuckerberg

1) What is your vision for Facebook?
When I started Facebook from my dorm room in 2004, the idea that my roommates and I talked about all the time was a world that was more open. We believed that people being able to share the information they wanted and having access to the information they wanted is just a better world: People can connect better with the people around them, understand more of what’s going on with the people around them, and understand more in general. Also, openness fundamentally affects a lot of the core institutions in society — the media, the economy, how people relate to the government and just their leadership. We thought that stuff was really interesting to pursue. And there’s (Facebook) — a kind of a ground-up approach — where people choose to share all this information themselves. It’s a slower approach, right, because what it means is that people need to move through this process of realizing that sharing information is good, and slowly sharing more and more information over time. But by doing that you get a lot richer information; you get information that people don’t want to share with everyone, but they just want to share with some people around them.

2) How do you envision what you’re doing today enabling other companies and Facebook to make money? Openness and transparency affects how people and businesses relate to each other. So it used to be the case where only really big companies could do advertising on the web, and then Google came along. And they made it so anyone can do basic direct response advertising. Now they have millions of advertisers.

3) What’s your personal ambition for the company? Do you want to build a company independently or can you see selling at some point?

I mean, I think all that stuff aside, what we’re doing is… a really valuable and useful thing, I think. And all those outcomes aside, I think what we’re really trying to do is just see this concept through...
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