Advanced Technology - Short Essay

Topics: Robot, Short story, Isaac Asimov Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Advanced technology

The short story called “All the trouble of the world” is telling about intelligent and super computer Multivac. According to this story, Multivac determines social, economic, political, and even every problems of the world. First of all, Joseph Manners accused of crime and arrested. Ben is son of Joseph Manners who tried to find out the innocence of his father. In addition, Ben followed all the instructions which Multivac gave to him. Finally, everything went wrong and Ben was guilty. Meanwhile, Ali Othman is coordinators of Multivac who released that there was wrong with Multivac. Othman asked from Multivac “what do you yourself want more than anything else?” Multivac answer was “I want to die”

The movie “I, robot” has a same idea with all the trouble of the world. The movie event was being held in 2035 Chicago. Alfred Lanning is a robotics scientist and founder who were killed by robot. Del Spooner who is a Chicago police detective found out robot killed the Alfred Lanning. As well as, he dislikes the modern technology. People didn`t accept that robot killed Alfred Lanning. Because robot got respect of people. At the end of the movie brand new robots started to fight against people. Finally, Del Spooner discovered the main control of robot and destroyed it. After that, robot worked in a normal way.

Above the All the trouble of the world short story and I, robot movie show the advanced technology and result clearly. Even so, nowadays technologies give the benefits more and more; advanced technology might ruin the human being.

By: Ari Khuyagbaatar

Date: 11 Oct
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