Impact of Advance Technology

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Impact of Advance Technology

Helen Poucher

HCA 459: Senior Project (BGM1214B)

Adraine Naire

May 7, 2012

Impact of Advance Technology

The impact of advanced technology in today's health care system is not short of phenomenal. Technology has come a long way in today's market, where once was thought that the world would need only a few computers has turned out, to each family having a hand full of computers. From one main computer to everyone in the family having a computer, small to large to more affordable than every before. In this competitive market, if you do not keep up with other facilities then your facility may not survive. A good example of the impact of advance technology is the hospital that I work at, it is set in a rural setting within a easy commute to a major metropolitan area that lacked in many of the service areas. This facility has just completed a 23 million dollar renovation, with many new features that will entice those in the community they can stay at home for their health care needs. Many of the community has gone to the city for their health care because the hospital did not offer many of the services that they needed to treat their health care needs. As a administrator you have to be able to show that the needs of the community are being met. They can now offer services that were not available before with many state of the art technology to assist anyone in most all areas of their health care needs. Advance technology is a lifeline to the success of a healthcare business.

The impact of advance technology has changed in many areas of the healthcare system. Several areas that the advance technology has impacted are the cost, equipment, and the delivery of the care. The health care system is more specialized today than ever before, where once you could be trained in the hospital setting now most every position requires specialized certificates or degrees. The cost of most equipment in health care has doubled in recent years and we know that it will go even higher. A lot of equipment is outdated before it can ever be used by some here in the United States. The delivery of health care has changed in many ways also. Home care is not a novel idea but the approach has changed many opinions on this way of allowing the patient more control over their care. Home Health has become more popular in today's society because it allows the patients to stay in their own homes but benefit from nursing, doctors and other professional visits without leaving home. Teleheath uses telecommunication technology can provide and support health care using the advancement of technology. Older adult are more satisfied, the emotional and psychological needs are being meet and longevity of life is extending.

Who benefits from this advance technology? Everyone can benefit from the technology, in finding information, socialize with their friends, and even go to college? We can do just about everything with this new technology. The advances in technology has allowed many disease processes to be detected early, shortened recovery time, robotic surgery, condensed medical records and many other procedures that have improved the healthcare business. Where will we be if we did not have it? What did we do before this technology? It was a dismal life compared to what we have not. How will it impact the health care industry? The health care industry has flourished in record numbers, with new technology we have been able to diagnosis lethal diseases early and to be able to treat them with better outcomes. The turnaround time frame of testing to results, performing more invasive scans, and other procedures are at our fingertips now. There are many new technology in so many areas that we can not list them all but the benefits will last a long time.

The management planning is another highly specialized area...

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