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A period of transition
Lefrancois (2001:468) states that, “Adolescence is the transition of between childhood and adulthood, the period during which children have achieved sexual maturity but have not yet taken on the roles and responsibilities rights that accompany adult status”. Shaffer and Kipp (2007:212) also believed that the two major changes in physical development indicate the onset of adolescence. Firstly, as children enter the adolescent growth spurt, they significantly changed in shape and size and secondly, they reach puberty marking the point in their life when an individual reaches his or her sexual maturity. Puberty

According Pinyerd and Zipf (2005) cited by Shaffer and Kipp (2007:212) that the first changes appear to be seen in children is that they changed dramatically in size and shape as they go through the adolescent growth spurt. Secondly the term puberty comes from the Latin word pubertas which means that ‘to grow hairy’ where at this point an individual reaches sexual development and capable of producing a child by Pinyerd and Zipf (2005) cited by Shaffer and Kipp (2007:212). Mussen, Conger, Kagan and Huston (1984:463) suggest puberty as the increase in hormones and it shows by the gradual enlargement of ovaries in girls and the growth of testicular cell in boys. Puberty starts with the appearance of pubic hair, breasts development in girls and, penis and testes becomes bigger in males and also sexual maturation is accompanied by a growth spurt in height and weight. Growth Spurt

Faust (1997) and Marshall (1998) cited by Mussen, Conger, Kagan and Huston (1984:463) suggest puberty as the increase in height and weight that takes place during puberty. Lefrancois (2001:471) also believed that changes in height and weight are the features of pubescence which start from 12 of age. These average changes for both sexes will occur from 12 to 18.

Mussen, Conger, Kagan and Huston (1984:463) mentioned that for boys and girls,...
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