Acrylic Nails Assignment

Topics: Acetone, Occupational safety and health, Personal protective equipment Pages: 5 (1546 words) Published: December 1, 2008

1. Assessing the client for treatment is a very important part of every client’s appointment. It ensures that the client is made to feel special and is also mandatory for insurance purposes. What is imperative is the type of information gathered. A full client consultation should be specific and detailed with the following important information.

• Name, address and telephone number: this is obvious but a useful tool when sending mail outs, invitations to special events, birthday cards etc. • Date of birth: this is to recognise an individual’s identification. Some client’s may not wish to disclose this information but it is necessary when providing treatments for people who look underage & will need parental permission. It is also a useful tool when sending out birthday cards. • Name of GP: If a client needs medical assistance for any reason it is important to have this information on file in case of an emergency. Generally this information is only a precaution to have on file. • Occupation: a useful piece of information, not only for conversational reasons but also to give an idea of the type of nails a client could cope with. For example if a client is heavy on their hands you would recommend acrylics as they are the most durable. It could also offer clues to any nail and skin problems. • Medical history: only a brief description is required if it is relevant to performing the nail treatment. Some examples are allergies (the client may have an allergic reaction to come of the products used), and diabetes (this causes poor circulation & consequently takes longer for a client to heal so caution is necessary). • Previous nail treatments: it is worth finding out whether the client has received previous nail treatments and the results of these. Some clients may have had reactions to certain products or may have been unable to keep on artificial nails owing to lifestyle or bad habits etc. • The condition of the skin and nails: if everything looks healthy and in good condition, it should be noted in case something changes at a later stage. If there is any indication of a skin or nail condition it should be noted. If it is a contraindication it may need a Doctors approval before performing the treatment. • Client’ expectations: the treatment booked is not always the best one for the client and another treatment may be more appropriate. It is important to ask what the client’ expectations are and to fully discuss if it is possible. • Details of products used and after care: these should all be noted on the consultation card and also given to the client to take home. It is a good tool for up selling purposes and if a client returns with a problem and insists that they were not told what to do, there is a record that this is not the case.

2. Every technician should be aware of the acts of parliament and other pieces of local and national legislation that refer to salons. The next five acts and regulations are found on the WorkSafe Victorian website and are used to keep employers and employees protected.

1. Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004: This act relates to an employer but its requirements make for good working practices. Also, employees have a duty to work following these rules to ensure their safety, that of their colleagues and clients. The act requires that an employer must: • Provide safe equipment and safe systems of work • Ensure all substances are handled safely, stored and transported correctly • Supply all necessary personal protective equipment free of charge • Provide a safe place of work with safe access and exit routes • Provide a workplace that is safe with regard to fire, first aid and the recording of accidents • Provide all the necessary information, training, instruction and supervision and ensure that all staff are aware of all the relevant safety issues, for example of where fire fighting...
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