Accounting for Labour

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Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman UBAM1013 Financial Information for Management (October 2012) Lecture 2 – Accounting for Labour 1. Remuneration method Time-based scheme Piecework scheme Bonus/incentive scheme 2. Remuneration methods have an effect on the following:The cost of finished products and services The morale & efficiency of the employees 3. Time-based scheme An employee is paid for the hours attended, regardless of the amount of work achieved (i.e. disregard of number of units produced). The method thus operates by recording the amount of time the employee spends at the workplace. Overtime is commonly paid at the premium of between 25 and 100 per cent above normal hourly rate. Wages = hours worked x wage rate per hour 4. Piecework system An employee is paid according to the output achieved. A range of basic piecework pay for a range of daily target level of activity. Employees to be paid a higher rate per unit for achievement of higher target. Wages = no. of units produced x piece rate per unit. 5. Bonus/Incentive scheme A variety of bonus and incentive schemes exist. They are designed to increase productivity. The schemes rely on setting of a target and the comparison of actual performance with that target. The savings which results from the employee’s greater efficiency are then shared between employees and the employer on a proportionate basis (usually employees receives between 30 and 60 per cent of the time saved ) 6. Accounting for the cost of labour Direct labour cost – basic pay for normal hours - basic pay for overtime hours Indirect labour cost – overtime premium - pay for idle time due to machine breakdown, electricity power off, strike, etc. - group bonus/incentive scheme

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Example 1: The following data relate to work at a certain factory: Normal working day 8 hour Basic rate of pay per hour

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